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Preserved Through the Ages for all to Treasure

  1. Restoration  Our service is broken down into three levels to save cost to you. We make a high resolution copy of your photograph on the spot so you are always in possession of your treasured photograph. For no extra charge we can imbed the names dates and even a story about your photograph that will always be there in the digital image.  Please call us, I promise you will find us easy to work with. 219 464 7776

  2. Minor  $15
  3. Moderate  $35
  4. Major $50 and Up
  5. Copying and Archiving $0.20 per print
  • Minor photo restoration  includes the overall adjustment of the brightness or contrast to correct for the fading or darkening of the picture over the years, minor color shifts due to inevitable changes in chemically processed photographs, or the removal of minor stains, red eye removal, spots or scratches. Our services will breathe life back into your fading Photograph. $15


  • Moderate Retouching and restoration services of a photograph involves removal of moderate stains, moderate water damage, scratches, and tears, but not the major rebuilding of the facial area or extensively damaged areas of the photograph. It includes digitally retouching the brightness, contrast, and color levels of the photo as well as the hue. The repair of moderately creased or partially torn photos where critical areas of faces etc are relatively intact. $35




  • Major restoration encompasses any or all of the features and services involved in minor and moderate restoration, as well as repairs or additions to your images. This category requires an extended amount of time  and attention to detail to digitally restore and bring back what the elements, age, and wear and tear have changed. Repair work may involve the piecing back together of torn photos, reconstructing missing areas, extensive work in the facial or other significant areas of the photo, repair of severely stained or discolored areas of the photograph. Starting at $50



Pvt James S. Hummer enlisted in the Civil War at age 13 years 49 days. He and his uncle, William Hummer, enlisted in the 31st regiment of the New Jersey Volunteers in Hunterdon County on 3 Sept 1862. Below is the only photograph in existence, transformed from a total loss to a treasured tribute that the family, and the world can share.
Click on images below to enlarge

Original fractured
glass photograph
each fragment
was photographed

The picture with the
fracture lines

The picture fully
restored and
cleaned up.

The picture fully
restored in it's
original Frame case.

Learn more about James S. Hummer

We can also rework any photograph

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We take your Old photographs and make Archival CDs and Digital Prints

Your photographs are handled with care. They are photographed and returned to you in the same condition as we received them.

Always label your prints, write the subjects names on the back. A print with names is worth a fortune. A print without names is a mere curiosity.

Copying and Archiving

  1. Your treasured photographs are fading. A typical color photograph has at best a 50 year life span, many fade in only a few years. Deciding who possesses cherished family photographs, especially after the passing of a loved one, can divide a family. We will create a high resolution digital original which will perfectly preserve your photographs and allow you to share these original images with friends, organizations or your entire family. Digital archived reproductions are guaranteed to be as good as or better than the original and they will never fade. If you need prints, ours are guaranteed not to fade for 80 years or more and are nearly impervious to water damage. Digitally archived photographs are delivered to you on special long life DVDs, additionally, we maintain an archive of your photographs at no extra charge to help ensure you will never lose them in the event of theft or fire.

    $0.20 each for ten or more

  2. On the wall in my home hangs many irreplaceable documents including the marriage certificate seen below. It is of course one of a kind and it seems reckless of me to expose it to sunlight and other harsh conditions. in reality it is a digital reproduction, the original is kept in a climate controlled container far from the fading light of the sun. I can always make another. I would like to extend this service to you.

    $18 including 11x14 Print. Additional charge if restoration is requested.


Images are delivered in a digital format that can be viewed on any computer or printed at any photo service.  We do not reproduce any images that may be copy written, a release from the holder of the copy write is required before we can reimage any recent professional photographs.

Our backup archive is a courtesy to you, we take every precaution for its integrity but are not responsible for any damage that may occur to our archive and recommend that you make backup copies of the images we restore for you.

If you would like us to make prints of your restored or archived photographs our printing prices are displayed below.  Thank You.


16 X 20











8 for $12


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